Energy business solutions

Our mindset is not conventional. Which is just as well.
We are not going to tell you we're competent, reliable, flexible, that we have a strong propensity for integration, that we'll listen to you and help you to reach your goals - even those you never thought possible. What we will say, though, is that before choosing us you should know we are not easy-going when it comes to protecting you, that we take our responsibilities seriously, and that we do not stop at offering you the obvious.

With our focus on the Utilities market, in particular on the processes of offering, metering, billing and credit management, ACUSIDEA provides services and products for more than 12 million end-users.

Energy Business Solutions: that is how we see our services. Underlying these services are solid foundations, like the twenty-years' experience of our founders, laid down shoulder to shoulder with the principal operators, helping them through important programmes for changing processes and technologies, as in the case of unbundling.

Our philosophy is based on clarity, precision and care over details, and it is with us throughout the planning phases: from gathering and analysing requirements to implementing solutions. That is how we have earned the trust of Italy's largest customers in the Energy & Utilities market.

Our considerable knowledge of business dynamics let's us master the mechanisms that govern energy services management, from production, through distribution, to the sale of electricity, gas and water.

Always up to the minute when it comes to the evolution of the Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas regulations, we proactively analyse our customers' energy needs and propose solutions to meet them, rigorously and promptly.