Ricerca e sviluppo

Our goal at ACUSIDEA is to produce ICT services and products targeting precise market niches in which functional skill is the chief element of competitive advantage. To reach this goal, we have created our Research and Development Department.

The team comprises brilliant young graduates, from Italy's top universities and experts in the R&D sector. They work together to produce innovative and technologically-advanced tools that can anticipate market needs.

The operative core works inside Italy's most important university incubator: Turin Polytechnic. It is financed by about 23% of the company's annual turnover. This unusually-high percentage shows ACUSIDEA's strong commitment to a sector that we know is of primary importance from the strategic standpoint and means that our R&D Department need not neglect any idea. We cultivate each and every one with devotion and passion, until it blooms, producing personalised products custom-made for you.

Specialised in creating proprietary software solutions that are an ideal complement for the Energy Business Solutions services, we are ready to explore fields that are new to us, with the goal of always grasping new opportunities emerging from the market.

For us, to improve how you work is a challenge we gladly take up and we are just as sure that we will surprise you.