Picus Idea Management

Without PiCUS you might never know. Because our rich food supplement for ideas nourishes them, keeps them alive, helps them to grow ... so that, if they are not already up-to-date and applicable, they soon will be. There's a place for all things. There's a time for all things. Choose innovation as your core business.

Ideas are a cornerstone of company strategy: ideas for improvement, ideas to make products and services evolve, but also revolutionary ideas that can produce radical innovations.

With Idea Management, ideas are called for, collected, discussed and developed. This process involves giving each idea a valuation and selecting those with the greatest potential, by involving people in supporting and promoting ideas.

PiCUS is designed for companies with a strong innovative character, for technological poles and for universities: wherever you need to structure the process of creating and developing ideas, involving staff, suppliers, partners and customers in the debate and in the conception and innovation of ideas.

The product enables you to manage access profiling and gives you a workflow of evolving ideas, letting you manage the valuation process in different ways: RTS, Steering Committee or Peer Review.