Acusmart Energy Utilities

ACUsmart proves that it does. Tune in whenever you want and you will always find detailed information on consumption, in real time. Isn't that enough? Help your customers to consume more intelligently, so that, like you, they always know when they're running short. Keep yourself up to speed: ACUsmart gives you the long and the short of it.

ACUsmart is a system that deals with monitoring and energy management that can interface, on one side, with customer-side electronic and telecommunications systems, and on the other side, with the Utility's database and management systems.

The end-result is a reduction of the environmental impact in terms of CO2 both through optimisation techniques and intelligent load management (semi-automatic systems to control stocks, your own and c/o the customer), and by communicating with customers, with the aim of suggesting to them better strategies for using energy resources (for example monitoring deviation from mean consumption, indicating the best time to use appliances, etc.).

Two basic modules for utility-side management (Intelligent Load Management) and customer-side management (Customer Management) take care of the practical side: an easy-to-use human-machine interface (HMI), the supply of feedback to users via website, e-mail, and SMS messages. They also handle interactions between user and supplier of electricity/liquid gas, so as to achieve intelligent load management policies, in the case of electricity, and to optimise delivery logistics, in the case of liquid gas.

ACUsmart's major technical outputs are in the form of energy, simulation and display models, enabling you to decide how to achieve optimal use of the electricity consumed and/or produced. ACUsmart also makes available an end-user behaviour model, monitors consumption conditions, transfers the data measured and provides direct communications tools with the end-user.

Lastly, where diffuse generation systems exist (such as photovoltaic panels or micro-cogeneration systems) or HVAC (such as heat pumps), a smart plug provides control and implementation for the load management process.