Acusmart Energy Utilities

ACUsim will follow them wherever they go! It records each check-in and each check-out, it always knows where they are, and WHENEVER they forget something it wants to know why. Turn on ACUsim, the compensation alchemist with the secret formula will give you more than the energy hunters have bargained for.

The IT arrears system ACUsim is the solution that fulfils your legally-given opportunity to apply for compensation for arrears built up by customers who have made the switch out. In particular it lets you effectively and efficiently locate the "Energy Switchers", consumers who are specialised in migrating systematically from one Seller to another, leaving their old and unsettled contracts behind them.

ACUsim provides a communications interface with the various systems involved in managing the Compensation System set up by the Energy Authority. This means that, on the one hand, it checks and transmits the information flow with the Sole Purchaser; on the other hand it also acts as Guarantor, managing the roles of both Incoming and Outgoing Sales Operators.

Specifically, versus the Outgoing Operator, ACUsim detects potential compensation applications, calculates the optimal sum that can be applied for, monitors evolution of status and manages cancellations, automatically differentiating management of the case by whether or not the compensation has been verified by the Fund.

For the Incoming Operator, conversely, as well as providing the interface acquiring communications with the Common Carrier, ACUsim also sets up a communication system for debit items versus the billing system, monitoring their billing and potentially making a step-by-step comparison with information arriving in the Distributor's debit invoice. Also for the Incoming Operator, it will handle any request for cancellation coming from the Common Carrier.

A synthetic control panel provides information in graphic form showing the evolving status of applications, pointing up economic implications. This provides a display that is rapid, intuitive and significant, showing the situation at a glance from the standpoint of the Company, whether in the capacity of Incoming or Outgoing Sales Operator.