Acusettle Energy Utilities

ACUsettle is the first matchmaker for companies in the Multi-Utilities sector. It's a tricky job: reconciling billing cycles, technical breakdowns and aggregate consumption. Sensitive and selective, ACUsettle grasps each problem both as a whole and in its every detail. With universal linguistics, it provides fluidity as well as a sure result. At last: someone who gets their sums right!

ACUsettle is an efficacious tool for companies selling electricity and gas. It helps you balance billing flows, incoming consumption figures and technical data from the respective distribution companies and the physical consignments arriving from the common carrier.

A managerial and an operative control panels form the heart of ACUsettle.
The managerial control panel outlines an overall trend of acquired, consolidated and reconciled data, summarising the results obtained in analytical displays, subdivided by each individual Distributor.
The operative control panel, simple and intuitive, lets you plan activities and tells you the outcome of operations.
Specific supports, be they graphic elements or files you can import into Excel, help you to analyse any problems.

ACUsettle is a useful tool for Business, Billing and Accounts.

For Business, it makes available and displays high-level information, so that you can monitor processes, determining the possible causes that might lead to inconsistency between information present in your own system and that sent by other actors along the value chain. This makes it possible to guarantee control over specific flows, outlining an evolving trend for each subject.
For Billing, it displays an aggregate view, tracing the degree of incidence, by economic volumes or by consumption, of the goodness of the information that is compared. Detailed displays point up any imbalance in prices, quantities or sums. Any discrepancy among non-comparable elements or unequal values is indicated analytically.
For Accounts, the processed data enable you to compare revenue and expenditure, with aggregate forecasts for the profit and loss statement. Through an estimation algorithm, you can predict the size of the balancing physical consignment, suggesting actions to reduce them.