Acusblock Energy Utilities

Even the most bashful will be unable to resist ACUsblock. Determined, witty, a keen observer, this electronic Cyrano de Bergerac can always find a way to break down resistance. Like Sleeping Beauty, in the fullness of time they will awaken. Ready to play ball.

ACUsblock is the Business solution aimed at controlling the billing process and controlling and managing the causes of the company's loss of productive billing.

The ACUsblock innovative control panel provides you with a graphic display showing the evolution of volumes and the company's economic trend. The display classifies your customers by Business Segment, and provides a catalogue of process and/or IT system anomalies that cause delays or differentials versus the billing plan and market growth.

ACUsblock is a true communications tool to programme and manage the advancement of problem-solving actions, so as to minimise the anomalies found.

ACUsblock is useful for the Business, Operative, IT and Contact Center areas.

For Business areas, it provides an immediate overview of company evolution and of the most important critical points.
For Operative areas, it provides the opportunity to verify the advancement of productive billing and lost billing, the trend of Switch-in and Switch-out processes, discrepancies in acquisition of consumption (data) from Distributors, the credit situation versus bills issued. Lastly, it defines priorities and forwards requests for intervention to IT or to other operative areas.
For IT areas, it is useful to seek out anomalies and classify them functionally, to guide their solution and keep your eye on progress.
For Contact Centers, ACUsblock means that errors affecting individual supplies can quickly be located, on an anomaly-centralising system.