Acuphi Energy Utilities

ACUPhi holds the key. Each flow has its own language, and ACUPhi speaks them all. Each has its subjects, and ACUPhi is master of them all. To each its own brand of conversation, but ACUPhi never loses the thread. You won't lose your way with ACUPhi, the alpha and the omega of flows.

ACUPhi is the product for acquiring and managing the various different communication flows between Sales and Distribution companies. Management of incoming and outgoing flows comes about independently of the communications interface, when receiving and when sending.

The product comprises an elementary acquisition module, a file management module, an information checking module and a processing module.

The acquisition module rests on grammars, that is on combinations of file-interpretation adapters and value lists, that normalise the information in a domain. The processing module provides communication versus the outside world, taking charge of de-normalisation and giving an easily-understandable interpretation of the data.

Flow monitoring comes about through a workflow system with which you can co-ordinate the processing of incoming and outgoing traffic, specifying activities and roles of all steps of the work process.

Through the SLA control panel, different service levels may be defined as a function of the type of information handled and the execution times per process can be measured. The intuitive control panel enables you to highlight any critical points, for each flow shared with the various distributors.