Acucluster Energy Utilities

ACUcluster does. A clever PR tool, it's a real gossip-lover. Always talking to the company's IT systems, from Billing to Credit, from Metering to CRM, it can never keep from classifying. Being well up in statistics and neuronal networks, it subdivides everything it sees into segments, proposing appropriate solutions when it comes to offers and credit recovery policies. It can also predict consumption, always keeping one step ahead of customers' behaviour. Because class will out.

ACUcluster is the tool you need to classify your customer base. Using statistical techniques and methods based on neuronal networks, it highlights the salient features of each group. Based on the characteristics of each class, ACUcluster enables you to set up targeted offers, facilitates credit recovery and provides an accurate prediction of consumption.

The tool gives you specific results appropriate for your different needs. In particular, ACUcluster provides a complete characterisation of the classification it builds, with the support of numerous graphic displays that highlight the correlations between the most significant characteristics and the various classes formed.

ACUcluster is useful for both Business and IT.

For Business, it helps you to make your promotional campaigns more effective, based on offers or on credit recovery policies. By noting the behaviour of individual members of your customer base and associating the characteristics of clusters to users' reactions, ACUcluster can make a precise prediction of their behaviour.
For IT, it guarantees an improvement in methods to predict consumption, by using more accurate classifications. This thanks to the fact that it updates parameters as it receives new and useful information. Accurate and full reporting enables you to have, depending on your needs, either an overall view or a detailed and focussed view.