Acubilly Energy Utilities

Of course! ACUbilly is unique in terms of foresight but, at the proper time, it turns to Metering. Take a close look at it: the carefully-designed sequencing always leads to the right result. Ready to roll? Start engines! And out comes the correct tariff. It predicts business cycles without needing a crystal algorithm, it simplifies the bill without using magic, it finds the information it needs to work out statistics. So that, at any time, you can say: "Far from being silly, our brainy ACUbilly".

ACUbilly is the software package for companies in the Utilities sector, in particular for those in energy and water services, who need to bill their customers depending on the consumption measured by metering systems. ACUbilly can interface with customers' own systems, letting you use the resulting information to the best advantage. This lets you know in advance, before implementation, what turnover you can expect.
ACUbilly is the best way to avoid surprises at the end of the month.

ACUbilly simplifies the billing process, giving you statistical and monitoring elements in advance, through a parametrisable system of algorithms and rules. ACUbilly processes data relating to consumption that it receives from Metering, turning it into a form usable by the billing system, and determines periods of fixed cost/wattage to be charged at each billing cycle. Thanks to its extreme flexibility, ACUbilly is sensitive to variations in AEEG Authority regulations, providing a valid support for handling the problems typical of the free market and of Business customers, for instance setting discounts, penalties, premiums and personalised quotes.

ACUbilly has been designed for Sales and Distribution Companies who want to know in advance and to monitor continually their billing process.

It is useful for both Business and IT areas.

For Business, it monitors evolving information, aggregating data by consumption or by amount, against different axes of interest: timeframe, type of consumption, supply classification, type of bill components.
For IT, it pre-processes data useful for producing documents, enabling the billing engine as such to concentrate solely on the pricing process.